Samyang 500mm MC IF f/8 Mirror

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Ống kính Samyang 500mm F8.0 MC Mirror

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SAMYANG 500mm F8.0 MC Mirror

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* phải dùng ngàm chuyển khi dùng với body Canon, Nikon, Sony,..

Slim and lightweight design adds so much freedom in photography
- reflective mirror lenses
- telephoto lenses
Samyang 500mm MC IF F8.0 Mirror is a telephoto reflex lens designed for full-frame cameras and APS-C format.

Thanks to the universal T-mount, the lens may be attached to all reflex cameras through the T2 adapter. Its optical construction comprises 7 elements arranged in 6 groups. Each lens element is covered with multi-layer MC anti-reflective coatings.

The Samyang 500mm MC IF F8.0 Mirror is a perfect tool for wildlife photography, astrophotography and is irreplaceable in all situations requiring extreme close-ups. The product is intended for photographers seeking a relatively inexpensive lens with long focal length. The small size of the lens should be also noted: weight 320 g and dimensions 77 x 87.5 mm.

The kit comes with grey ND2 and ND4 filters, a practical transport bag, T2 adapter for the selected system and protective caps. A dedicated x2 converter to obtain the focal length of 1000 mm. may be purchased as a separate item.

Góc quan sát rộng 180

reflective mirror lenses
Reflective mirror is applied so lenses is designed compact size relatively regarding focal length.

Độ tán xạ thấp

telephoto lenses
That make it possible to take a picture long distant subjects.


Manufacturer Samyang Optics
Model Samyang 500mm MC IF f/8 Mirror Lens
Lens type Telephoto Mirror / reflex lens
Focal length 500 mm
Maximum aperture f/8 (fixed)
Min aperture f/8 (fixed)
Angle of view 5 degrees
Min focusing distance 1.7m
Macro 1:2.7
No. of diaphragm blades N/A (no aperture – fixed at f/8)
Focus type MF (Manual Focus only)
Lens construction 7 elements / 6 groups
Dimensions 77 x 87.7 mm
Weight ~320 g
Filter Size: 30.5 mm (rear) / 72 mm (front)
Available mounts (Low price T2 adapter required, to fit to most/all interchangeable lens cameras, including Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony A mount, Olympus, Panasonic etc)


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